Man-made polypropylene fibre adsorbents.

Polypropylene sorbents are best used for recovering aggressive spills or leaks and for recovering oil-based spills on large bodies of water.

Single layer offers fast absorption but limited durability. These products are ideally suited to the marine and particularly the Oil only version to the off shore oil industry.


With a fabric weight of 286 gsm there are 100 pads in the bale, which is half the number when compared to the lighter weight 190 gsm 200 pad count version, and as a result offers a heavier per square metre product.

The pads are made from a single layer of meltblown which is sonically bonded together. The sonic bonding points makes the pad less prone to stray fibres becoming detached. This gives the pad a very even structure which also contributes to the pad’s good absorbency rate. These attributes help make the pad an industry standard construction because it offers all-round average performance but excellent versatility.

Each pad is 38 cm wide by 46 cm long and is made from a single layer of meltblown fibres with bond points. The slightly smaller pad size when compared to the larger
40 cm x 50 cm pad can offer a better value product as the complete surface area of a pad is rarely used entirely. The pads can be supplied in either a rigid cardboard box, which also acts as a dispenser, or a clear plastic bag. 

Key Features

  • The pad is made from a single layer of meltblown that is sonically bonded together.
  • Good value and reliable performance.
  • Made from high quality polypropylene.

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