The Speedy Blast 500-30
Offers powerful and cost
efficient cleaning for
professional users.

Industries/ Segments:
• Refineries
• Chemical plants.
• Oil-rigs.
• Oil plants.
• Tankers.

Removing paint, rust, markings and graffiti on steel and concrete surfaces.
Removing limescale deposits and marine growth.
Deck cleaning and cleaning of cargo hold.
Dust free sand blasting.

Solid galvanised and powder coated frame.
Non corrosive materials used in pumps and fittings
Stainless steel pump head.
Built in stainless steel unloader/safety valve.
Easy access to pump for service and maintenance.
Automatic start/stop with timer for better life span of the pump.
Star delta starter box.
Low voltage controls , fuses, overload relay and main isolator.
Accumulators for easy startup and low starting peak amps.
Inlet filtration system.
80 litre water break tank with filter and float valve
Powerful 40hp motor, IP 55 classification Class F 100% duty cycle

Standard Accessories:
Dry shut trigger gun with 1m stainless steel lance with zero degree nozzle.
High pressure hose 15m.
Electrical Cable, oil resistant 15m.

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